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To See the Queen

I am not exactly a poetry connoisseur, but I have to say that Allison Seay’s work is really amazing to me. As a philosophy guru, I can really appreciate the metaphysical feel of her poems. She has an ability to pack different meanings, into one line or words in her poems, that convey a debate within the reader. She could present one word in a poem, but the words could have multiple meanings or places in the overall feel of the poem. One of the more prominent examples of this is the use of the word “figment” in her poems. There is no question that Seay wants the reader to see the figment in many different forms. I believe that this “figment” that she keeps talking about is another version or side of herself. In many of the poems, i feel as though the figment is a side of her younger self, or what she used to be. But at the same time I believe that this “figment” could be her own previous thoughts, not just her soul. “Once I did see the figment as a man. One man in particular/ and the most unusual I have known.” I wonder if this was a state of mind that she was in previously, or if she was talking about her mindset with the presence of another person. This is the one thing about poetry that I believe is so beautiful, is that there is enough meaning to write a paper, but it is all packed into a few, beautifully portrayed lines.

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