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I was taken back after reading the very first poem of Seay’s collection. It was something I hadn’t expected, but the lines, “I will tell her next I think that is one way of living: slipping off into some indistinguishable state of more and more snow,” connected with a personal feeling that I could never put into words until I read this poem. I continued through her poems and noticed several other beautifully described emotions that were both hopeful and painful. Seay has made such black and white emotions into several colorful works of art, while also telling the story of a woman who has experienced the highs and lows of life.

In her poems about “the town,” Seay made a town that her readers had no connection to or knowledge of, into a place where we saw all the nitty gritty as though we had seen everything ourselves. Which made me enjoy her poems that much more because her ability to create a picture for her readers is very well done. I also found that the poem’s inner struggles were relatable for many of her readers.


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