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Although so far I’ve really enjoyed this novel, I also have found that I’ve been reading it like I would something more trivial. Something about the structure makes me read it the same way I would read “chick lit.” I think it has to to with the the way in which Kingsolver writes: everything is straightforward; we are not left with things to figure out as with Pearlman. This format could help her reach the point she’s trying to make, she’s more or less finding a way to explain environmental awareness without sounding like a scientist, in a way taking up the issue that she creates for Dellarobia in the novel. At the same time, I don’t know if her ability to make the issues understandable could help because I feel that she alienates the other types of characters. It seems that Dellarobia is the only one with any sense in her town, something I don’t find believable. Although she does occasionally seem to see some good in the people around her, it’s almost as if she can’t let them be smart for the sake of the book.

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