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“Flight Behavior”

After reading Edith Pearlman, I had expected that Barbara Kingsolver was also a short story author with different characters and themes in each story. Once I read the first two chapters, I was caught off-guard that the book was about one woman and her family.  However, I did enjoy how each chapter was a different look into her lifestyle and family because it offered a sense of connection between author and reader. It was an insight on how people must adjust their lifestyle in times of change, which were caused by the outside world. The everyday struggles Dellarobia faces each day make you wonder what could possibly happen next, and I think that is what makes this book so interesting to me personally. I found an article online about Kingsolver’s work being more of an impact to readers when it comes to environmental struggles and issues, than those who write non-fiction. I personally believe that most fiction has the power to spread more information and facts than any other genre.

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