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I absolutely love the way the Pearlman uses her dialogue in her stories. When thinking of words that could possibly describe her way of using dialogue in her stories I thought of subtle yet impactful. I noticed that in a lot of her stories, she does a wonderful job with tone. I was particularly impressed with “Mates” and “Unravished Bride” when it came to certain lines and words that established a great tone, when the action was so simple and quiet. She does a great job of tending to little details that make an intense impact that fills the reader with many emotions all at once and makes you pause to think. The detail of Mitsuko’s sneakers being green and old in the beginning of “Mates” and then finally them “ripening” to a bright red as she is boarding the bus alone to who knows where, this detail is incredibly faint yet brings a lot of impact to the story. It shows that maybe she is happier alone and without her “mate” no matter the circumstances, that maybe she can now finally be herself in a world that encourages pairing. “I believe solitude to be not only the unavoidable human condition but also the sensible human preference (p. 161).” That line right there, in a pocket of dialogue, is the most telling part of the story. It could almost be the only line in the story and we could understand exactly when Pearlman was trying to convey to us.
“His Voice was frank and unashamed (p. 219).” This is a really great example of Pearlman establishing tone in “Unravished Bride”. This conveys a certain feeling that Hugh has towards Marlene while their once a week lunch to a mysterious erotic love for each other. I love how she focuses purely the thought of both of them cheating on their respective spouses and how awful it is rather than the actual action of it. The sexual tension that they have between each other is made apparent by the dialogue once again, ““Sorry to be in your way,” she said stiffly. “Hey!”” this small exchange presents an uncanny vibe between the two that introduces the potential conflict and attitude in the story. He brilliant use of dialogue and great care in using such subtle moments in life that would be looked over by so many people like us, is the main reason why I think she is such a great writer. She highlights and brings attention to such everyday occurrences that any one person can recognize and turns them into a significant lesson to be taught about life.

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