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I was instantly warmed by the couple‚Äôs story in, “The Coat.” I was made aware once again of Pearlman’s timing of the spilling of details within each characters life. I found that this story had much more missing than most of the other stories we have read in the last two weeks. I was also able to notice more of the changing point of views, within the story as well. Roland and Sonya’s relationship reminded me of the “Kay” commercials where a young couple becomes an older couple and they live happily ever after. However, they had only just gotten married six months prior to the telling of this story, but needless to say, that minor fact didn’t impact my view of their relationship.

The second story, “Mates” was an interesting choice to have followed “The Coat.” From my understanding of the story, Keith and Mitsuko were married but didn’t have feelings for one another the way most married couples should. Their relationship was one shared between two best friends. I could be completely wrong with my assumption, but that is what I am concluding after reading it twice. Both characters always seem to be living in their own little worlds, and doing their own thing. The only three things keeping them together seemed to be their three kids, and once the kids had all grown up and left home, Keith and Mitsuko went their separate ways. However, I was happily surprised to see that there were no ill feelings between either individual once they had separated. It was a nice change to the average divorce story. Then again, the reader only got the story if this family through an onlooker’s assumption of their lives.

I enjoyed both stories very much and the order they were put in seemed rather brilliant. In “The Coat,” we have the story of an older couple who’s life together only recently began. Then the next story is about Keith and Mitsuko going their separate ways after several years together. I have a feeling that I have overlooked some important detail about each story and it’s characters, but for now, this is what my mind has wrapped itself around. I’m sure the realization will hit me sooner or later.


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